Spring 2019 Lesson Series

Beginner Salsa

Willard Straight Hall 601
February 5 - April 30

Advanced Salsa

Willard Straight Hall 601
February 5 - April 30

Pricing for Spring 2019 Lesson Series

One Series Two Series
Undergraduate $20 $30
Grad and Cornell staff $40 $60
General public $50 $75
  • No partner necessary! Wear comfortable clothes and shoes (avoid sneakers and stilettos).


Salsa is an 8-count partner social dance that became popular during the 1960s in New York City and quickly grew to the global phenomenon that it is today. Our lessons teach salsa on1, one of the most commonly found styles at social dance events. Our curriculum is designed by salsa champions Patrick and Scarlet of Vancouver and will teach you everything you need to know from fundamentals and dance etiquette to cool variations you can use to impress your friends and fellow dancers.


Bachata is an 8-count partner dance from the Dominican Republic that was fused with other dances by Korke and Judith from Cadiz, Spain to create what is now known as "sensual bachata". Sensual bachata has become widely popular and, like salsa, can be found almost anywhere in the world. Our curriculum is designed by none other than the creators of the genre, Korke and Judith! Our series will cover everything from bachata basics to partnerwork variations for the dance floor.


Bailemos is offering a brand new dance lesson series this semester! Eric is teaching Blues dance on Tuesdays at 7-8pm starting September 11. Come try out a style of dance new to Ithaca, and deeply rooted in American dance culture. Blues focuses less on turns and fancy footwork than Salsa does, and more on dips, musical expression, and interactive improvisation!